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October 12, 2012
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Cheerfully, you knocked on the door of the Vargas' house. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and the weather was perfect for playing some soccer- or football, as they call it everywhere other than America- with your best friend, Feliciano. The cheerful Italian loved the sport, as did you. You had been to see his friend Ludwig at his place already (which was where he usually was when he wasn't with you) and had had no luck in finding him, so you decided to try his own house.

The door was opened, and you saw the darker-haired of the two Italian brothers glaring at you. Oh, great...

"Hi, Lovino," you said, smiling sweetly and waving. Your cute grin caused him to blush a bit. "Is Feliciano around?"

He scowled and his hazel eyes flashed. "Hell if I know," he snapped, and slammed the door in your face.

You sighed, not really expecting any other response from the constantly PMSing guy. You'd think he could at least be civil one day of the year...

Glancing around as if your bubbly friend would pop up out of nowhere, you stepped away from the house and wandered up the grassy hill behind it. The breeze ruffled your hair and rippled through the green spring grass as you climbed. It smelled faintly of flowers...

As you neared the top, you noticed a figure lying on his back with his arms spread out wide, covered with what appeared to be... cats?

You jogged over to him. "Hey, Feli!" you called, waving.

"Hi, _____~!" he said happily, moving a cat from his chest so he could sit up properly. You gaped at all the furry creatures lounging around him.

"Are you wearing some Greek animal-pheromone cologne or what?" you quipped, picking up a kitty and cradling it close to your chest.

"Nooope~ we're just all out here enjoying the sun! Isn't that right, Fettuccine~?" Felix cooed. A creamy-colored kitten on his head mewed in response.

You blinked. "Beg pardon? Is Fettuccine... the cat?" you asked skeptically.

"It sure is!" Feli replied. He rubbed Fettuccine between the ears. "Ooh, lemme introduce you to the rest! We have Linguine, Ziti, Mafaldine, Pizzoccheri, Penne, Farfalle, Pastina... and that brown one you have there is little Pici~!" he pointed to each cat as he said its name. "I think Lasagne and Papardelle went away..."

Your brow furrowed in concentration as you mentally repeated each of the names. Then your eyes widened as you realized...

"You named all your cats after pasta?" you cried.

"Si~!" he bubbled, rubbing his cheek against fluffy Penne. Or maybe that was Pastina.

You started to giggle. Feliciano looked up at you in puzzlement, but that only made you chuckle harder. Soon you were laughing so hard you had to drop the cat you were holding and sit down in the grass, wiping a few tears from your eyes.

"What's so funny, bella?" Feli asked.

"Y-you are," you giggled. You picked up the previously discarded Pici again. "You sure love pasta, don't you?"

Feli nodded happily. "I do~! But I also love my kitties, and my friends!" In a rare moment, his gorgeous honey-colored eyes sparkled at you. "And I love to hear you laugh, ______! It sounds so pretty~!"

You blushed a little. Aww... he was just so cute! You wanted to cuddle and squeeze him, but instead settled for doing the same to Pici.

"Come on bella, lie down with me!" Feli said, patting a patch of grass next to him. You blushed harder and stifled another giggle. Innocent little Feliciano had no idea of the lewd meaning those words might have carried, had it been anyone else that said them. You carefully lowered yourself down onto the grass next to him.

"Ah~ it's such a nice day, isn't it?" he asked. You just nodded, playing with the kitten perched on your stomach. Then Feli grabbed one of your hands, bringing it to rest between the two of you. You both sighed blissfully.

And then the peace and bliss was shattered by a certain German thundering up the side of the hill.

"FELICIANO!!!" he roared. "I see ______ finally found you! Now GET YOUR ARSCH OVER HERE AND COME FINISH YOUR TRAINING!"

With that, Feliciano got up and dashed away; dragging you alongside with him, your hand still in his.~
...All I have to say is that I had way too much fun looking up the names of all those obscure pasta varieties. XD

I know it's short... I'm actually proud of myself for writing something under 3,000 words, though. orz

Italy belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to you... or :iconnitalyplz:
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catsuno Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I highly doubt my laugh is pretty... I laugh like pewdiepie
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I usually cringe happily when I read a Hetalia X Reader story,

And I cringed so hard, it hurt my side and my mom thought I was in pain.

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12xXGoodGirlXx12 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh my god... that cat named penne... I just couldn't stop laughing (in spanish that means penis, I know, I'm a perv u.u) so fluffy and adorable, I like it *-*
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