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December 30, 2012
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"Looks like you lost, ______~ Time to pay up, like you said you vould! Kesesesese~!"
You groaned, slamming your head down onto the table. Talk about humiliating- you had actually gone up against Gilbert, your class's rambunctious German student, in a series of dares to see who was the more "awesome". Gil was well convinced of his own "awesomeness" and insisted on ranting and raving about it on a daily basis. You had finally gotten sick of it (despite how cute you secretly thought he was, he had a tendency to annoy the heck out of you) and declared a contest to settle the dispute once and for all. Was Gilbert Beilschmidt really the most awesome person, or was ______?!
Apparently, it wasn't you.
You were already trying to block your failure out of your traumatized mind, burrowing your face into your arms and trying to ignore the incessant, annoying laughter of the German hovering above you. It hadn't even been a fair contest- the final round had all depended on winning the love of a chick. A stupid freaking chick! It wasn't your fault that they seemed to hate you, and flock to Gilbert...! It was obviously a setup of some sort, but no one would believe you; thus, you were defeated. And you were more than a little indignant about what you, as the loser, had to do...
When you felt Gilbert flick the back of your head, your chin snapped up and you threw a punch over your shoulder. Smirking, he unflinchingly caught it in his palm, curling his hand over yours.
"Come on, liebe," he teased, his face nearing your own. "You know how you feel. This vas inevitable~"
"Wow, you're so smart! You used a big word!" you said sarcastically, wrenching your fist free. You stood up abrubtly from the table, folding your arms grumpily. "Whatever, let's just get this over with."
Gilbert's face lit up. "Ha! I knew you vould do it! Come on, frau- this vill be fun!"
He pranced away and reluctantly, you stomped along after him.

Facepalming, you bit your lip and stared at the ground, blushing slightly. "I can't believe you're making me do this..." you growled through gritted teeth.
Gilbert let out a smug cackle as he swaggered along beside you. "It's the truth!" he crowed. "After all, you lost ze contest!"
Scowling, you continued to walk, remaining sullenly silent. Maybe it was true... but you sure didn't want to admit it.
But before you could get too far, you heard voices from behind you. "Hola, Gil~!" "Ohohohohohon~ Bonjour!"
Gilbert's face lit up, and you groaned. Great... now his little friends were here to tease you. You really wished you had never gone through with this stupid competition!
Anonio and Francis loped up to the two of you, waving cheerily.
"Ah, you have la senorita with you! Hola, ______~" Toni said, his face brightening. Francis shot you a pervy look, and you crossed your arms over your chest defensively.
"Slimy Frenchman, get out of here!" you hissed. Gilbert laughed obnoxiously.
"Kesesese! It's good to see you guys!" he said, completely ignoring you. "By the vay... don't you absolutely love ______'s shirt?"
He glanced significantly at you, and you uncrossed your arms reluctantly.
There was a brief pause as the two glanced from your shirt to Gilbert, and then back to your shirt, and then back to Gil again. Then they looked at each other and, in perfect unison, began laughing hysterically.
"Ahahahahaha~! 'I'm with awesome'... that's a good one! Nice one, Gil!" Toni shouted, so gleefully that you wanted to punch him. You shot him an especially dark look.
"Tell me, how in ze world did you get ______ to wear zat lovely piece of clothing zere?" Francis asked Gilbert with a giggle.
"Aww, nothing much- I just TOTALLY BEAT HER IN AN AWESOMENESS CONTEST! KESESESE~!" Gilbert crowed triumphantly. "Und since she lost, now she has to come und walk around in public vith me vearing zat awesome shirt I picked out!"
"Kill me..." you mumbled, burying your face in your hands.
A knowing look crossed Francis's face, and he gave the albino German a sly wink. "Ohohon~ So it's like a date, no? Good luck with that. ______'s a stubborn one... maybe I can show you a thing or two? I'm sure she'll be begging to have a taste of your five meters before the end of the-" He broke off in a disturbingly feminine squeal as you slugged him in the back of the head.
Gilbert laughed- again. Dang, he was so freaking annoying...! "Zat doesn't sound like a bad idea, actually!"
The next thing he saw was stars.

Luckily for you, there hadn't been any... "incidents" such as Francis suggested during the course of your outing so far. Gilbert just dragged you around the mall, bouncing from store to store, causing as much commotion and attracting as much attention as possible. There were lots of students from your school who happened to be wandering around at the time, making things even more humiliating. You almost would have rather spent some time getting up close and personal with those five meters than this... wait, what were you thinking?!
After awhile, Gil seemed to have had enough of publicly embarrassing you, and dashed off to the food court with you in tow. Soon the two of you were sitting at a table, slurping soft drinks. Every couple minutes, he would give you a (ridiculously attractive) smirk, and you would scowl, trying to avoid eye contact.
He got fed up with that pretty quickly. You almost choked on your straw as he leaned across the table toward you, staring intently into your eyes.
"Say, vhat's wrong, frau? You seem even pissier than usual today. Are you tired of mein awesomeness already~?" You stuck your tongue out at him, and he chuckled. "Or maybe you're just PMSing, because no vone could ever get sick of mein awesomeness! Is that it? Is it zat time of ze month again? Poor little ______~"
"Oh my gosh, just shut up," you groaned. "I'm NOT, so just... argghh!"
For some reason, you were a blushing mess. You tried to turn your head away, but Gil reached out and cupped your chin with a (ridiculously soft) hand.
"Hey," he growled. "Don't be like zat! Zis is supposed to be fun, so don't ruin it!"
You pouted, trying to ignore the flush on your cheeks. "How the heck is this supposed to be fun?"
There was an awkward silence as his face went completely blank, and he stared at you uncomprehendingly. After a few moments, you almost started laughing at his stupefied expression.
"W...what do you mean?" he stuttered. "You're really not having fun?"
You cocked an eyebrow at him, trying really hard not to smile.
"But you're vith the awesome me! You've got to be joking!"
"Nope," you replied. "I don't really appreciate being dragged around and humiliated over being the 'unawesome' one. There's only so much a girl can take, Gil... You could at least try to pretend that I'm a little awesome, too."
He seemed to droop a little, and he looked genuinely remorseful- if only for a second. Then his face brightened again, and he leaned closer to you.
"Liebe, you're being too uptight about zis whole thing. Zis was just supposed to be a fun outing, ya know? I can't help it if you can't handle mein awesomeness." He chuckled before continuing.
"And ze truth is... I never would have challenged you to an awesomeness contest if I hadn't been worried about your awesomeness levels exceeding mine." He winked at you. "No one else would have stood a chance against me, but at least you put up a fight! Kesesese~"
Your eyes widened as this sunk in, and your stomach started doing flips as his red eyes surveyed you smugly.
"In fact, you're really pretty mind-blowingly awesome."
You buried your face in your hands as your blush spread, and your heartbeat started going out of control. [Reader-chan, why you so tsundere?! //shot]
"Come on," Gilbert coaxed, poking you gently. You could practically hear the smirk in his voice. "Say it... You know you want to~"
You gulped. "Y-you're pretty awesome too, Gil..."

. . . . .

I'm really not happy with this. At all. It's rushed, rambly, pointless, reader-chan's a total tsundere... it's just so much fail.
But hey... at least it's something, right?

Prussia + BTT belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to :icondivaprussiaplz:
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kurino-sama-alpha Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
i would have slugged Gil so hard for that "PMSing" crack then hit him over the head with a miniature frying pan
but he is ze Awesome Gilbert, so i wouldn't be able to stay mad
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he would have bee punched and  would have won!

Awesome sauce story!


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xD i can damn freaking relate at this story xD first, i am a tsundere and second is that i really love that Gilbert! xDDD nice story dude :D
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Thanks so much! :iconawesomeprussiaplz:
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