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January 13, 2013
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"Romano's home~" you observed, nodding in unison with the coppery kitten that you were curled up on the sofa with. You were at the Vargas' house, waiting for your friend Feliciano to come back from a "date" with Ludwig. The man in question (Romano) stalked into the house, slamming the door with such force as to rattle the windows, muttering under his breath.

"Hi to you too," you murmured as Romano stomped straight into the kitchen and started banging pots and pans around.

"I hate that stupid potato jerk!" you heard him raging, most likely to himself but definitely loud enough for everyone and anyone in the area to hear. "That stupid German should just die! It's always 'Germany this, Germany that~!' and it makes me sick!" he screamed. There was a loud BONG as a particularly hefty pot dented the side of the fridge. You winced, and the greatly perturbed kitty snuggled deeper into your arms.

"D-don't I have good qualities too?!" Romano wailed, tears in his voice- something that made your heart melt. If you had been able to see his beautiful, honey-colored eyes, you surely would have dissolved into a puddle.

Soon there was silence from the kitchen, save for the occasional audible whimper or sniffle. You suddenly had an idea, and took the opportunity to clear your throat loudly. Addressing the kitty, you said, "You know what, Pookie~? I've been doing some thinking... about Romano..."

The kitty looked up interestedly. There was no response from the kitchen... yet.

"He's a pretty great guy," you continued, making sure to talk loudly. "I was just thinking about how some of his amazing food would totally hit the spot right now. Don't you agree~?"

Pookey mewed, and you nodded approvingly. "Yeah, I know! He's such a talented cook!" you bubbled. "And besides that, did you know that he's an awesome pickpocket? How neat is that?

Plus-" you lowered your voice ever so slightly here, giving an air of confidentiality to the kitty. The kitchen was silent. "-He's really handsome too..." you giggled. You could have heard a pin drop in the kitchen.

"His eyes... are so pretty," you continued dreamily. "And that cute little curl he has is so adorable~ He's such a gentleman to the ladies, but he gets all aggressive around other guys! Don't you think that's so cute?" Pookie meowed again. You laughed.

"But even when he acts tough, you know he's really a caring softy on the inside! Isn't that sweet? Oh, and there's more, you know~ His voice is so sexy...! When he speaks in Italian, or sings his tomato song when he thinks nobody's listening... it makes me want to melt!"

At the words "tomato song", there was a strangled yelp from the kitchen and you had to hold back your laughter. Pookie purred on your lap.

"I second that," you agreed. Glancing up, you kept on a poker face as Romano rushed in.

"You know, I could hear you the entire time, idiota!" he shouted. His face was- you guessed it- flustered and as red as a tomato, and you told him so.

"Idiota!" he screeched again. "I DON'T sing stupido tomato songs and I DON'T look-a like a tomato!! I bet that tomato jerk Spain told-a you to say that, didn't he?!"

Ignoring him, you sweetly began to sing Romano's theme; the aforementioned tomato song: "Buono tomato, buono tomato, buono, buono, ooh tomato~! Red on the bottom and green on the top, toma-toma-tomato~! Hmph~!"

Romano's face was flushing a nearly purple hue by now. In fact, he looked more like an eggplant than a tomato at that point, but decided it would be better not to tell him so this time. Glancing innocently up at him with the kitty in your lap, you waited for the outburst of swearing and cursing that was sure to come.

...It didn't.

Instead, much to your surprise, he plopped down on the couch next to you and crossed his arms grumpily, letting out a frustrated sigh. His face was still burning.

"Ragazza stupida," he muttered. "Why you make-a me so imbarazzato? So you heard-a me sing my song... but don't-a say lies about me, va bene?"

Of course he didn't believe you! "What lies, Lovi~?" you asked sweetly. "Every word I said was true~"

"Lies," he repeated stubbornly.

"Nope!" You put the cat on your head.

"Perche sei cosi perseverante?" (1) he mumbled under his breath. Something about the low tone of his voice- and of course, the fact that he was speaking in his native language- caused your heart to start crashing around in your rib cage. Noticing the blush now spreading across your own face, he looked up concernedly.

"What's wrong, bella?" he asked quickly. You giggled.

"Such a gentleman~" you cooed. "Say something else in Italian, please~?"

He stared down at the carpet.

"Tu mi confondi, ragazza," (2) he said. You scooted closer to him and put your head on his shoulder. The kitty moved from his perch on your head to one on Romano's, but he didn't even seem irritated.

"And I like you a lot, bello," you said, putting one of your hands atop his. He flinched, surprised by the physical contact and by the Italian word you had used. Something about the sound of your voice speaking in his own language... just after his own blush had begun to fade, it flared up again.

"Why?" he asked, glaring at you. "Why do you have to be different and say all that good stuff about me, idiota? If you're really not lying, what is it that makes you see me differently than the rest of those jerks who all think Feliciano's so much better than me?!"

You grinned and gently lifted the kitty off of his head.

"Ti amo, Romano," you said simply.

He didn't say anything, but you felt his hand tighten its grip on yours.

You sat in silence for a few minutes before you asked, "Sooo, ya gonna give me any response to my confession, Lovi~?"

"CHIGI! Stop using those stupid squiggly things, idiota! You've used them in practically every sentence so far, and it makes you sound like my stupido brother!" he screeched.

"Don't break the fourth wall!" you scolded him. He chuckled and rubbed the back of his head.

"That's better, bella," he said, noting the absence of a squiggly thing in your sentence. "Ti amo, ____."

You laughed, giving his mouth a gentle peck.

"You still look like a tomato, Romano!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" he shrieked as you began to sing his song again. <3

This one is so much fail it's stupid I'm sorry OTL


1. Why are you so persistent?

2. You confuse me, girl!

Prease forgive me if my Italian is glaringly incorrect :P

Romano belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to :iconmustachedromanoplz:
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Aw~ This is so cute! And Romano broke the fourth wall, even that was cute =w=. EVERYTHING WAS SO CUTE AND FLUFFY!!! >w<
How have I not seen/read this before, this was amazing, x3. And it wasn't a fail, it was an awesome story! Aw... So cute, and the plz account... Aw, XD..
What is the squiggly thing even called?
A 'tilde'...?
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SO CUUUUUUUTE Racing Girl Emoji (Nose Bleed) [V3] 
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